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Notice From California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

"At this time CAMFT recommends seeing patients via Telehealth unless the patient is not clinically-appropriate for Telehealth services. If a therapist provides in person sessions, that therapist should comply with all recommendations and requirements applicable to their practice to minimize the chance of exposure to COVID-19."

I am seeing clients face-to-face in my office setting, however, you are not required to receive psychotherapy in person, I utilize Zoom online Telehealth platform with clients who prefer Telehealth to in person session.  I've been utilizing this system since mid-March, 2020, and find it to be easily accessed via computer, tablet, or smartphone.  I also do sessions via phone if that is your choice.  If you choose to come to the office, you assume the risk of exposure to COVID-19 (or any other health risk). If you are concerned about possible risks to your health, consult with your physician before attending in person meetings.

I will respect your decision should you at any time choose to utilize/return to Telehealth services. If at any time it becomes unsafe due to a resurgence of COVID-19 or other health reason, I may require we resume Telehealth sessions. If I determine a return to Telehealth services is necessary, I will attempt to share that decision with you as soon as possible.

By receiving services in person, you will be mindful of the risks to yourself, your therapist, and your family members. I request the following from you:

  • You will only attend in person sessions if you are fully vaccinated and free of COVID-19 symptoms.  I am happy to provide you with Telehealth services if you are feeling unwell.
  • You will adhere to the public health orders addressing requirements for facial coverings and social distancing to the extent they exist. I have a supply of face masks and will happily provide one to you if you do not have your own;  my office is set up to respect the 6' social distance recommended by CDC and Governor Newsom
  • You will wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer prior to entering my office, I have provided products in the restroom.
  • If you touch your face during session, it is recommended that you immediately wash or sanitize your hands, hand sanitizer is available in the restroom and in the office.
  • If you are working in a job that exposes you to individuals who may be infected, I request that you please let me know. I do not recommend attending in person sessions if you are exposed to anyone who may be infected with COVID-19.
  • If you or a member of your immediate household tests positive for COVID-19, you should not attend in person sessions. You agree that if this is the case, you will inform me immediately so that we may resume Telehealth sessions.
  • There are certain circumstances under which I may be required to notify health authorities that you have been in the office.  If this situation arises, and in accordance with applicable privacy laws, I will provide the minimum information necessary for the health authorities to perform their duties.