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            Deborah Phillips, MA, LMFT

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Errand Of The Heart

Support Group For Caregivers

Meets Wednesday Evenings At 6:30

If you are currently a caregiver or will be in the near future and find yourself feeling burned out, taxed emotionally and/or physically, suffering from lack of privacy, sleep, or your own deteriorating health, feel no one understands you and your needs; this is the group for you.

We provide a caring safe place to openly share and discuss your own experiences and feelings with others who are experiencing similar situations and emotions.

    Learn Powerful Tools That Help You:

    • Set goals and make action plans
    • Help YOU take care of YOU
    • Reduce personal stress and anxiety
    • Communicate effectively with professionals and family - verbalize your feelings, needs and concerns in positive ways

    • Make your thoughts and feelings work for you, not against you
    • Deal with feelings of anger, guilt, and depression
    • Master tough caregiving decisions
    • Utilize community services
    • Focus on what you CAN do